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Working towards a better future for animals, people and the planet.

Our Veganic Farmland


Veganic means that everything that is grown on the farm is grown according to vegan organic (also called stock-free organic) standards. 


It also means that all food, treats, and other products for the animals and for me (including fabrics, supplements, natural remedies, care products and so on) are vegan and organic wherever possible. 


Sometimes I have to make exceptions due to unavailability (wood shavings, natural but non-organic worming treatments, etc.) but everything is always natural, chemical-free, and where possible, seasonal and local or fair trade.


The fruit and vegetables are also grown with no-dig methods, an emphasis on perennials, and along permaculture principles and the concept of forest gardening.

'In essence, veganic is a logical step beyond organic for those who seek safe food grown in a sustainable manner.'

- Vegan Organic Network

Image by Jonathan Kemper
Image by Gabriel Jimenez

Vegan Merger Model

From a broader perspective, the future of sanctuaries will need to be what has been referred to as 'Vegan Mergers: Sanctuaries, Veganic Land ‘use’ and Biotopes’ – a holistic concept of a peaceful, nonviolent, mutually beneficial, human coexistence with nature and our fellow animal beings, or, in the words of James O’Donovan of Nature Rising: ‘Humans learning how to make space for other species while producing plenty of healthy food’.


To me, ‘making space for nature’ in this case encompasses re-wilding huge parts of our land, reforesting it where needed, restoring bogs and other natural habitat, and – in terms of food production – agroforestry, forest gardening, permaculture, veganic methods, no-dig growing, a focus on perennials and other truly sustainable methods that do not take more from the land than they return, while actively improving soil life and, most importantly, leaving the carbon in the ground.

You can read more about the concept of Veganic Sanctuaries here.

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