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Rewilding. Sustainability. Holistic Non-Violence.

A little bit about Heartstone...

Hello there, my name is Nía Ní Gréine.

I started Heartstone Veganic Sanctuary to offer abused farm animals a second chance at life — a life where they are no longer seen as commodities, but individuals who deserve to be treated with love and compassion.


Heartstone also promotes rewilding — the single most effective tool to mitigate the disastrous effects of climate breakdown heading our way — sustainability and holistic nonviolence, actively developing a model of a peaceful co-existence with nature and wildlife. We became a registered charity in 2023 (RCN 20206558).

The Heartstone family currently includes...


12 cows (including 2 blind ones) 

11 sheep

3 ponies

3 vegan cats (and a few strays)

2 vegan dogs

1 swarm of Irish black bees

1 human (me!)


Heartstone Needs to Urgently Relocate

Heartstone needs to urgently relocate, which requires the acquisition of a residential 'cattle' farm in the East of the country. The situation at the current farm here in Sligo has disastrously deteriorated due to torrential rainfall caused by the unfolding climate breakdown, causing the farm to sink and the buildings to collapse. You can find more details about the situation and some photos in my social media posts, especially on Instagram, and an article Vegan Life Magazine has published (links at the bottom of this page).

On top of the need to relocate, the property we were originally fundraising for has long found another owner, and so has the second, third, fourth one... with property prices continuously skyrocketing due to Covid, Brexit and reasons unknown to me. However, there is again one (and only one!) property in all of Ireland for sale that would suit the requirements of the current and future Heartstone gang (including those in foster care), and it would thankfully still allow us to expand at least to a small extent into the other areas we want - and for environmental reasons need - to branch into, most importantly vegan rewilding (or, more precise, v-wilding - see explanation below) and the practice of and education about truly sustainable veganic food growing.

Image by Jessy Smith



"In my humble opinion, there is only one way to get from where we are now to a sustainable, ethical, vegan future: rewilding of soil and soul and interaction with those rescued."


- Nía

Learn more about rewilding

Veganic Food Growing

Coming soon!

Rewilding Our Understanding of Animal Rights

"We are coming to a global crossroads. Either we as a species change, or we perish."

- Randal Plunkett, 21st Baron of Dunsany

Future Plans

See Video Below ...

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