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Help us to give as many animals as possible a second chance at life. 

There are so many ways to help the animals at Heartstone! 

Donate. Fundraise. Volunteer. Spread the word.


Our mission is to help animals that can't help themselves. We are in desperate need of a new location for Heartstone so right now the best way to help us is to donate whatever you can.


Your donation will go towards the care and upkeep of the cows and sheep in our care, as well as our never-ending vet and food bills!

The monthly cost of looking after the gang (feed, bedding, supplements, vet care, etc.) is currently around €3000 a month, so we truly appreciate every single cent we get to help us keep the barn doors open. 


Whatever amount you decide to give, your donation is greatly appreciated. We are a registered Charity (RCN20206558).

Virtual Coin Box
One-Off or Recurring Donations


If you’d like to support us financially and support our cause with any value investment, please feel free to email me for the bank details or you can you use our Virtual Coin Box to make a recurring donation directly from your Bank Card.

You can also contribute directly towards feed and bedding by ringing one of our main suppliers and ordering some feed or topping up Nía’s account (that’s me!). Pet Stop Ballina, Homeland Rathscanlon.

Please take a few minutes to see where your donation will help us.

“You go above and beyond the call of duty for this much needed farm animal rescue. The work you do is so kind, wonderful and selfless”

Margaret H.

"You have the big brave generous heart of a warrior Nia, to cope with all the daily vexations involved in running the sanctuary"

Mary T.

“You desperately need and deserve every cent, plus a lot more, that‘s donated Nia, as it all goes directly on your dependent creatures”

Katie McM.



Helping hands, especially on a regular basis, are very welcome! There is even an opportunity for live-in volunteers as we have a separate one-room building for volunteers.

If you can spare a few days or weeks of your time to help me look after the animals at Heartstone, just send me a message. 

Your generous donations and your helping hands keep our doors open.

Image by Jonathan Kemper

Ireland's largest privately owned nature reserve and at present Ireland's only recognized large scale rewilding project.


to other worthy causes 

Image by Dylan de Jonge

The Vegan Organic Network is the only organisation in the UK solely working for food to be grown the veganic way.


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