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Working towards a better future for animals, people and the planet.


Welcome to Heartstone

Heartstone is a veganic (vegan organic), animal sanctuary charity in the North West of Ireland.


Our mission is to give rescued animals a safe haven and a second chance at life.


A peaceful refuge where they can live out their lives feeling loved and cherished.  


A place where they can roam the fields and feel the sun on their faces.


A place where they are free.


PLEASE WATCH: Urgent Need to Relocate

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Ways You Can Help


Our Mission

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Our Mission

The aim of Heartstone Veganic Sanctuary is to create a safe haven for rescued animals whilst working towards a sustainable, ethical, vegan future.


I strive to not only uphold the highest standards of animal welfare, but to go beyond the basics of food, shelter and water to create an environment where these animals can thrive and live a life that is truly worth living – whatever that means to them personally.

Heartstone also promotes rewilding — the single most effective tool to mitigate the disastrous effects of climate breakdown heading our way — sustainability and holistic nonviolence, actively developing a model of a peaceful co-existence with nature and wildlife.


This is the core of Heartstone's values. All activities are already and will in the future be guided by these principles.

If that resonates with you...


I would hugely appreciate it if you supported the cause by supporting Heartstone financially and sharing our fundraisers. Every cent gets us closer to getting the physical space and infrastructure we need to rescue more animals and pursue our rewilding projects. 


Without all of us working together, there is no hope for them. There are lots of ways to donate and help out, so check out our current fundraisers and Virtual Coin Box below.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. 

Nía & the Heartstone gang


One Off or Recurring Online Card Donations

Your donation will go towards the care and upkeep of the animals in our care as well as our never-ending food and vet bills! Whatever amount you decide to give your donation is kindly and greatly appreciated.


Crowd Funding - New Farm Land

Plans are afoot to raise funds for an expansion to our sanctuary. To look after more farm animals, we need more land. There is a property than we have our eye on to purchase and with your help we can continue to serve and help the animals that need us most long into the future.


Friends & Family

PayPal has stood the test of time as a payment platform. With the 'Send to a Friend or Family' option, we can receive 100% of your donation with no platform fees on yours or our end.


Help reach our Goals!

As a 100% lone operation, Heartstone Veganic Sanctuary rely heavily on public support. Our Go Fund Me page is always looking for pledge support and anything you can donate will 100% go towards the animals in our care.

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Join us on our mission

Compassion. Nonviolence.
For the people. For the planet.
For the animals.


Get in Touch

We're not always able to answer the phone, so send us a quick message and we'll get back to you!

Please Consider Donating, Thank you!

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